About Us
We know our guests will feel at home when we feel at home. We deliver great service each and every day with a spirit of kindness, teamwork, and hospitality.

Definitely You Spa has been an established business since 2002. Originally in a different location, Cookie (owner), opened the spa, alone, as the only esthetician, while also doing reception, etc. Within a couple short years, hardly advertising, she was able to build up a loyal client base large enough to eventually move to our current location, where she made her way up to having six full estheticians working with her and three receptionists to manage all of the bookings. 

Still, mostly through word of mouth, we are busier than ever, putting through approximately one hundred people, daily. We are proudly known for being very quick as well as extremely efficient (with waxing). We do offer many services, but in keeping things simple, body waxing is our main event here. And at super affordable prices, anyone can afford to get waxed on a regular basis. Cookie has even generously refused to raise prices so that everyone can reap the benefits! It’s All About You at Definitely You Spa!!!