Before and After Care – Waxing

Here are some tips for keeping your skin clean and smooth after waxing.

Just as important as the wax itself is the protection of your skin. Your esthetician will educate you on any questions you may have regarding your appointment. However, these simple rules will help you start out on the right track for your before and after skincare.

Avoid the following for at least 24 hours (before AND after your wax):

– Sun tanning which includes tanning beds.
– Hot tubs and Saunas
– Hot showers
– Swimming pools
– Working out (Anything that is going to make you perspire)
– Applying any lotions or oils to the waxed area
– Scrubbing waxed area with your loofah

Basically, you want to keep your skin clean. It is recommended that you have a lukewarm bath or shower within the hour of your treatment. You may even have a cool rinse after your shower, as this helps to close the pores.